SMART CONTROLLER: Controll you rbike speed and assistance level with the touch of a finger.


REMOVABLE CONTROLLER: Take with you the brain of the bike. With out it your ebike will not be fubnctional. Park your bike without concearn.




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SPRINGGER FRONTY END: Desiogned and manufactured by Bobber Motor Cycles with top quality materials. This suspenssion will ytravel up to 200mm and give you a soft ride with a high elegance look and retro design.

LED electric systrem allows for up to 100hrs of light with a 9v battery

SMART BATERY: Holds its charge for up to 18 months. Totally remobable for inhouse charging. 48V 10aph will give you the power and “fuel” capacity you need.

HUB MOYOR 350W: Bionx top of the line engine for comute bikes. Powerfull, relaible and dependable. 

Regen braking system will allow you to use all that braking power as fuel for your battery. Down sloping and bragink will charge your battery.​

26” WHEELS: Wheels are an essential part of the bike. We carfeully choose our wheels to reduce vibration and increase stifness allowing a safe and confortable ride.




The E-bobber, a signature style bike. Its simplicity and agility allow you to ride confortable and stand out. With the powerfull bIonx motor and smart battery you will enjy the ride like never before. Silent and powerfull, two of the top characteristics of our electric bike.