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"We need to improve the citizens mobility so we could live in a more fluent way"

                     - Francisco Gonima Villamizar.

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The term Bobber (bŏb′ər) comes from the word (bobbed). They are part of the first perzonalized style, being the father of the custom and chopper style of motorcycles.

The bobber motorcycles first appear around the 1940’s and 1950’s. They were initially created or modified by American soldiers that returned to America from WWII, who used or repaired Army motorcycles.

This soldiers were inspired by the light models that they saw in Europe during the war. The Bobbers were initially modified with the intention of reducing its weight, chopping the the unnecessary parts so they could keep them running as long as possible and as cheaply as they could.


In BOBBER MOTORCYCLES we initiated the product and market research since 2008, and we stablished as a company since 2012.

We are a company that specialize in the fabrication and ensemble of motorized bicycles, fueled with gas using cutting edge technology and a retro design.

We offer our clients an alternate and intelligent mobility. Our bicycles are designed and patented to fulfill this purpose. In Bobber all of our design are tirelessly proved so we could provide security, commodity and versatility.

We use four-strokes engines, with lower gas consumption and lower gas emissions, making them environmentally friendly. Our bicycles are completely automatic and are easy to drive, just as a average bicycle.