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Thanks to the support of Innpulsa Colombia, thought the contract CE-04-148, we are under development of our electric Bobber (E-Bobber) powered by BionX systems. This electrical bicycle will charge upon pedaling, braking, descents and will have the option to use a throttle or pedal assist. Bobber will become an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from the recognized Canadian company BionX.

"On a Bobber I rely on my own time, I don’t spend money on public transportation, and I feel unique every time I ride it, it’s the best vehicle I have ever owned"

 - Bobber Rider.

We specialize in the fabrication of motorized bicycles ussing cutting edge technology and retro designs. At Bobber all of our designs are stress tested so we can provide security, commodity and versatility to our brothers.

We use four-stroke EPA approved engines, with low gas consumption and low Co2 emmitions, Our bikes are environmentally friendly.